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Dental & Vision

Dental and vision insurance aren’t luxuries – they’re essentials! Healthy eyes, teeth, and gums are important to leading a long, happy life. To ensure that your vision and dental care are covered, you need insurance that suits your needs. But, with other responsibilities to juggle, you may not have the time in your schedule to shop around for your ideal dental and vision plans.

Florida Medicare Expert provides quality dental and vision plans with comprehensive coverage for small businesses, families, and individuals. Let our agents help you get the most of your dental and vision coverage by shopping for the best policies for you. 

With information about the best dental and vision plans available, we can efficiently find the insurance policies that will work for you.

Senior Citizens with Medicare Insurance

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Introduction to Medicare

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Cash Cancer

We always recommend a lump sum cancer plan for our clients. Here are two situations where it is needed.

1. One, if you have Medicare Advantage plans, you typically have to pay 20% of your outpatient Chemotherapy and Radiation until you have met your maximum out of pocket. So a $10,000 lump sum cancer can cover that for one calendar year for you.

2. Medicare’s drug coverage can leave major holes for a lot of high-priced cancer medication, which is more and more often being used instead of outpatient radiation. The medications can cost someone 10,000-$15,000 a year.

Long Term Care

Long Term Care will cover an individual for a myriad of events:

1. Covers skilled nursing facilities for the past 100 days.
2. Home Health Care (average person will need LTC for 3 to 5 Years)
3. Nursing Home Stay (average person will need LTC for 2.4 Years)
4. Assisted Living Facility (average person will need LTC for 2.5 to 3 Years)

Preventative measures don’t end with health care. Protecting your eyes, teeth, and gums are also important! If you’re in need of dental and vision coverage, have the experienced agents at Florida Healthcare Insurance give you a hand. With expertise in all things insurance, our agents know how to track down the right insurance policies to fit your needs. We’re committed to providing you with the best of the best in dental and vision insurance coverage.

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Florida Medicare Experts Client Testimonials

I'm turning 65 early next year and I needed to get a start on Medicare. I saw an ad and reached out to Michelle and she was the sweetest. She helped me right away, and now I don't have to worry about it and can start to enjoy my retirement. Great company!
Jeramien Farrahh Client of Florida Medicare Expert
Jeramien F.
Google Review
Worked with Evan on an individual insurance plan for myself a couple years ago, and now my mom needs to get onto Medicare. I called Evan and he helped set my mom up with a Medicare plan with prescription coverage. It was fast, easy, and I feel at ease knowing my mom is taken care of health wise.
Olibar Ryan Client of Florida Medicare Expert
Olibar R.
Google Review
Before turning 65 everybody in the world is trying to call you and offer you 1000 plans. I stopped answering my phone. Lucky my girlfriend told me about Michelle. She is so passionate and warm it was like talking to a friend. We ended up with the best policy I have ever had in my life.
Stephen Larry Florida Medicare Expert Client
Stephen L.
Google Review

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